No, I'm not engaging in "the politics of rage" or questioning any potential reader's intelligence (though reading this may cause others so to question).  Rather, this is my newest home for my newest thought and, given that all new platforms have their quirks, vagaries and downright bugs this is the place for gremlins to shine!

Not to mention features: the interface noted that I had misspelled "vagaries" and corrected it.

"You Big Dummy!" A "dummy" is not an individual but an old term from old-media.  Back in the day when lithography meant hot lead and men (only men) hunched over presses, known collectively by the old timers as "the good old days", a "dummy" was a mockup of that evening's edition.  It typically ran 50 times with copies going to eponeomous "copy editor" as well as other notables at the paper. Once the edition was checked for layout, egregious errors and potentially libelous content the first run would be done for the public – the "bulldog" edition.

In this case, it means placing text and pictures in a way which tests the capabilites of the new platform.  One of the main benefits of TypePad is the ability to support Trackback.  Two of my main sources of news on the web: The Times of London and the Columbus Dispatch both support trackback.  The Connecticut Post site looks like it was designed in 1992 so I don't expect them to support it before their next bankruptcy.  For example, I would have liked to placed a caption of "You Big Dummy" beneath the picture of Redd Foxx but this would be difficult with out hacking the HTML.  I'm not good at hacking HTML but if this post any indication I will need to learn it swiftly.

Jason in rare form

On the other hand, getting the text to wrap around my brother's picture (taken from Flickr, even though he's no dummy) seems to work fine (even if there still isn't a caption.  I'm a great fan of Flickr so this may be a more common route to take.

Playing with the formatting of the blog is less important than content.  And like any dummy the content test is key.  As I create categories I will add them to the appropriate description page.  General access to that page will be granted after it is complete and suitable testing has been performed on it – not unlike another dummy.

So, just as my later postings can be seen as a random commentary from a random commentator this is a random dummy from…hey!!!!

UPDATE: The description of the categories can be found here.