As I was saying…

I’ve been fooling around with different hosting sites: Blogspot, TypePad, iWeb on my Me site before settling on WordPress.  Mainly because WordPress has good integration tools with the iPhone and handles pictures well (I’m very visual, you know).  Plus my friend, “Mr. Levittown”, has offered to offload it to my personal hosting site when I’m ready.  So that’s why I’m on WordPress.

I can’t say why I started blogging again but I do know when I stopped: June 15, 2007.  The reason was my younger brother.  We were at a Formula One race and I was keeping a running commentary on our actions so he, naturally, started asking in his laconic way “is this going into the blog”?  He never in a million years wanted to discourage my writing: quite the contrary. In my mind, questions like “should I blog this” this began to be followed by “what’s the point of writing it” which followed with “what’s the point of living” it.  That way madness lies: analysis paralysis.   There were other postings after that but they were half-hearted and uncoordinated by even my jazz-like standards.  The best blogs have an element of stream of consciousness to them. Curious I should be so afflicted when famously I prattle on oblivious in other contexts (particularly at family gatherings).

Right now I know hardly anybody, if anybody, is reading this so if I’m shouting down an empty lift shaft who’s to care what I’m saying.  Any if they are reading, well, that’s their own fault.  I can be writer; I can be editor.  Call it a personal weakness but it seems I can’t do both.

What I can do is grumble with good humour about matters meaningful and trivia.  Oh, and assure my mother that I am eating properly.

Enjoy (or Not!) ☺