In the “drafts” section of my blog gathering e-dust is a posting called “Why I stopped donating to WFUV”.  Alas, it is now the victim of gold-plating and deferral-itis because it is now the spring membership drive for WFUV’s “The Big Broadcast” and, in the words of Yosemite Sam,  I’m-a-giving.

Facebook | “The Big Broadcast” Spring Member Drive.

Not only am I breaking a long-standing taboo by donating but, as an lowly college student (instead of rude capitalist) I will need to dip into the “egg money” to donate.  You should listen and contribute as well!

When I first met my wife Judy, I couldn’t believe that a woman like her existed.  If Tex Avery drew the cartoon of our first date, anvil would fall on my head when “of course” she knew why my parent’s dogs were “Nick” and “Nora”.  It was Judy who finally gave me the courage to understand that we all get to choose the soundtrack of our life and “The Big Broadcast” plays much of that soundtrack.

So, tonight I pledge all my love to my wife, Judy and $120 to WFUV….

..and tomorrow, I look for a job. ☺