I mentioned in an earlier post, where I resolved to start posting more frequently, that the key to maintaining a blog such as this is candor.  Redacting or censoring one’s thoughts puts a man on a path to questioning the worth of everything written.  From there, an effort to make sure that everything is worthy of being written means nothing is written.  I stand by those words and, as if to offer supporting evidence, have not posted much written comment since.

At present, my main activity is college.  I have returned to school after an absence of 20 years to start the long path towards a law degree.  But it didn’t take long to realize that I would not be able to comment in my blog about any of in-class high jinx.  As with all professors, or individuals for that matter, my professors have good points and bad: however the ratio varies quite widely.  Were I to start posting commentary on some of the less-than-stellar pedagogical traits of my professor I would find myself very quickly re-enacting the past (which would be very boring because I know how that story ends).  On the other hand, were I to only comment on the positive aspects of my professors (and there are many, just not evenly allocated) then even a casual observer would understand by omission which professor had earned a low opinion.  With thus, a great chunk of my existence was rendered off-limits.

I do not know what they are called in academia but in business the term is “CLC”: career-limiting comments.  And, even when I’m sure one of my professors is peddling falsehood or opinion, correcting them seems beside the point.  As my wife so sagely put it: I’m at school to earn grade points not debating points.