Judy and Tommy at Beechwold Diner

Today was our first “official” non-doctor outing with Tommy. Right about the time we moved to Columbus a diner opened not to far from Ohio Nancy’s house: the “Beechwold Diner”. We’ve been regulars ever weekend pretty much since they opened. They have “ooh and ahhed” during Judy’s pregnancy and, appropriately enough, when Judy when into the hospital for her C-section the last stop was at Beechwold for breakfast.
Today we packed up the baby and went over there for a late breakfast. Of course, the baby was the attraction (quite rightly, I might add).

Are you my table?

It was nice to get out of the house. Funnily enough, most of our books (and friends for that matter) make a big deal about how hard it is to go out now that we have a baby. But, both Judy and I had younger siblings so we remember the score and that, plus Judy’s organizational skills, actually mean that going out isn’t as big a deal as it was played up to be. I’m hoping when we are all feeling better we can take Tommy out to enjoy some of the summer events in Columbus (as well as see more of his crazy “Aunt” Nancy).