Having a baby means neither Judy nor I get out much. Really the only time out I’ve had is going to Cbusr meetings and watching the Columbus Crew games with the rest of the supporters group. So, in the vein of “don’t ask what else could happen”, driving home from the Crew game I was hit by a 17 year old who had spun out on I71. Old friends who remember my driving style when I was in my 20s will note the irony that I was hit so hard while driving under the speed limit. In fact, my fuddy-duddy style probably saved me a more lurid accident – I had slowed and was only traveling about 55 MPH when I was hit so was able to control the car and guide it safely to the side of the road.

Left Door accident

I’m fine physically but the timing couldn’t be worse. I’m still looking for the job for the household and college funds and Judy is traveling all through the month of November. A new car is not in the budget and I’m not keen on tooling around with my 6 month old in a Mini Cooper. The standard response is “well, be thankful no one was hurt”. Well, no one would have been hurt if nothing had happened, either! My wits are still “rebooting”; verbal savagery will be a concern for the next few day. Be warned!