This is irony. One of my pet peeves in the social media world is when people complain about other’s postings. After all, subscribing, friending or whatever-ing is strictly optional and you can always un-whatever them. But this morning I discovered a new trend quite annoying. It seems  many of my friends on Facebook posted, for want of a better term, “word pictures” declaiming some assertion or another. If you have a Facebook account I’m sure you’ve seen them. Without singling out anybody here is an example.

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I don’t like this trend – don’t like it at all! If she (yes, it was a she) loves her husband then a status or picture of would be most welcome. It would be in her own words and the expression would be both genuine and personal. It might also prompt comment such as to why she’d post it today. But the clear answer in this case is “oh, I just found it and shared it”. It is bloodless. To illustrate, contrast the above to the following Twitter posts.


(Yeah, Kulp’s a good man) I suppose I should see if there’s a way to restrict FaceBook from showing “picture status” on my wall. If I do, I’ll post the instructions (and not in a word picture, either).

Perhaps I should wait until I see the WWDC keynote speech but I was disappointed with the new features in iOS 6. For one thing it will ruin Christmas! Instead of interesting, geeky gifts my brother-in-law and I will just update each other’s Starbuck’s cards in Passbook and that will be that!

And just so you don’t think I’m above posting pictures (but at least I do it in my blog and not on my wall).

Any resemblance to persons living or dead….