After two stout cups of coffee I’m reviewing the local “Voter Information Bulletin” to review the candidates’ platforms and qualifications. Some thoughts in no particular order.

Voter Information Bulletin for Franklin County Ohio

  • I was never a big fan of the League of Women Voters in Connecticut because they took political stands which were diametrically opposed to my own. They were (and are) in favor of a state income tax which, as has been been seen, is a job killer and they are in favor of public funding of candidates. I flatly do not want any of my money going to those race-bating gangsters in the “Working Families Party” and people will realize the folly of public funding when the KKK runs a full slate. Hardly a dispassionate group. I will need to see what the local group is like.
  • I’m disappointed that the Ohio Republican Party wasn’t much more vigorous running in 3rd District. Chris Long seems nice enough but running an old white guy in the district is a non-starter. There are plenty of entrepreneurs in the district – I see them frequently at Cbusr and other events. There are untapped reserves (and unrepresented) voters in the 3rd. People who need to start their own charter schools because the public schools stick. People who are in favor of “No Child Left Behind” because it allows them to move their children to the Bexley system. People who understand that, if we don’t get the national finances under control, Medicaid will just stop. With the right person the district, if not winnable, would pull Democratic resources from marginal seats AND bring voice to an under-represented constituency. It’s a lost opportunity.
  • The above goes double, in reverse, for the uncontested OH 16th Senate District. The Democrats couldn’t find anyone to run against Jim Hughes? I had to move left to join the Republican party yet I would consider an alternative. While a nice guy I haven’t been impressed with Sen. Hughes; a centrist Democrat would give him a good run for the money.
  • There is “Hobson’s Choice” for State Board of Education. All want more state funding (and state control) of local schools. All want to take public (i.e. taxpayer) money away from private and charter schools. And all fall into the fallacious, nasty yet all-too-common trap of equating monies spent with quality. Just once I’d like to see a home-schooling advocate run.
  • I’m disappointed with the lackluster group running for Franklin County commissioner. With the arena funding debacle there was an opportunity to bring some new blood in.
  • Ohio needs more “Lillis Republicans” ��

And, joking aside, the fun has gone out of this since Chris Shays lost. OK, off to the polls!