For “Super Sunday” there’s church in the morning, “Sexapalooza” in the afternoon and the “Super Bowl” in the evening. Ah, life in Columbus – can’t beat it!

Judy and I joined Weight Watchers but I’m struggling a bit. How many “PointsPlus” is a pint of Barley’s Christmas Ale? Or how many activities points is pushing a toddler around at high speed in a red push car? I think “ah, these are problems to have”. Since we’ll be home for “the big game” today anyway I may make the nachos recipe that WW texted. And, yes, I will be taking a picture of them. So there!Actually, two out of three isn’t bad. We woke up much too late for church, the snow is really dumping outside (again) and I don’t think there’s stroller parking at “Sexapalooza”. We’ll go some other year – when Judy and I are older we’ll make the kids go “eeeeew”

Tommy's red car

The red car in question

It’s a beautiful snowy morning in Columbus today. Perfect day to spend the day chasing my toddler around the house and spend the night chasing my wife around the house. See? Who needs “Sexapalooza“?

Update: I’ve learned something else today as well: never publish a blog post with a toddler tugging at your belt. It won’t turn out well!