Hi guys!

I’m not hitting all cylinders (more on that in a moment) and the finger O2 monitor and bandages for the blood glucose make typing difficult and Facebook statuses difficult to manage. So, for something new, I’ll try to post updates such as they are here.

How we got here

At 6am Saturday I remember waking up and feeling awful. I had a splitting headache, nausea, palpitations and a low grade fever. I thought it might be a combination of a bug plus me overdoing dessert the night before. Judy and the little one, though worried, let me sleep while they started the day.

At around 3pm I had gotten slightly worse – I was starting to get chest pains. I, of course, thought there was still a chance this might pass. Yes, I know what you are thinking: I plead guilty with the excuse that I was really feeling lousy and not in my right mind. After Judy suggested multiple times during the day I should go to the walk-in clinic she called our neighbors Marty and Jenny who are a doctor and a nurse respectively. Jenny in a medical smock; Marty was wearing his natty tennis attire arrived about five minutes later. They did the standard routine with the stethoscope but the looks on their face when they walked in the room was clear; they wanted me to go to the emergency room never mind walk-in clinic.

Judy drove the Mini and we arrived at the hospital around 4pm Saturday. The emergency room was mostly empty and I was seen promptly. After a quick triage I was in an ER bed and they were pumping fluids in me. Whether a symptom or a cause I was very dehydrated. My heart rate was 150 and my BP was somewhere around 89 over 40. That is bad. They found indications of infection in my blood. The time in ER was long but productive. It wasn’t a “we’ll get to you whenever” wait but a “we need to cure the immediate problems by pumping you with fluids” wait. Even with an IV in both arms that takes time.

Finally, I was “stable”, even though they weren’t sure what was wrong, so they sent me “upstairs” to an ICU. The “normal” one was full so I was sent to the neurological ICU. Jokes about my mental state aside that actually was good – most of the patients here are monitored for chronic ailments so someone acute like me gets lots of attention. I’ve had tests, X-rays and CT scans.

Where we are now

I’m feeling both much better and slightly worse. They are still pumping fluids in me and I’ve had a day and a half of getting all the top antibiotics intravenously. I was feeling much, much better until the cough, which started as a tickle in the ER, had turned into something quite debilitating. I’m always paranoid about coughs anyway – twice I’ve coughed myself into very tricky situations. They’ve put me on a strong suppressant which helps (and means I can type) but it’s a palliative – they don’t know what’s causing it. As for the “Main Event” that brought me here in the first place – they don’t know what’s causing that either. I may have had two exams last week but that’s nothing to the tests I’m going to get tomorrow.

Judy has been tremendous the whole time – I don’t know how she does it! I was out of it all of Saturday and part of today and she was the one who took charge and made sure the medicos made sense of my considerable medical history. I also can’t think big enough to come up with a “thank you” gift for Marty and Jenny. Not only did their MD act convince me to (rightly) go to hospital but they have been watching Tommy while Judy has been at the hospital. We are lucky to have such people in our lives.

I’m grateful for all the well wishes and keep the prayers coming!

Tom IV