I’m scheduled to have my TEE at 9:30 am. Funny, when I have a bunch of work to do I have no problems “accidentally” killing time on Facebook etc. but the one time that I should be killing time to take my mind off the procedure I find myself strangely productive. It’s true that you don’t realize how sick you are until you start feeling better.

As of now I still have a cough, slight shortness of breath and I feel incredibly grimy since I haven’t bathed since Friday. My vitals are excellent and my energy level is good. After they moved me to this “medical dorm room” I was able to get a small snack (raisin bran and a banana) and drifted in and out of sleep during the night. The sleeplessness was more anxiety than medical.

My “roommate” in the hospital is helping me keep it all in perspective. He is completely non-responsive and nobody has come to visit him. Can’t help but feel lucky when I snap on the baby monitor and watch Tommy sleeping back home.

Judy is bringing my Statistics homework and I’ll send out a bunch of e-mails in a few minutes to try and figure out how to start catching up to the school work I’m missing. I’m missing it in the sense of “not being there” and also missing it in the sense of “I enjoy it and sense its loss”. Who knew I’d be such the avid student?

Wish me luck on the test.

Tom IV