I’m feeling better but am in a “holding pattern” with regards to discharge. Last night was another one of little sleep. It turns out my roommate has a wife – she visited yesterday. A very, very nice little woman, very worried about her husband. He’s still in rough shape medically (though that doesn’t keep him from snoring!) I’m glad he has loved ones, though.

Today barring setbacks I’m supposed to get a PICC line and be discharged but as with any large bureaucracy these things happen in their own time. I’m trying to generate as much normality as I can to keep my sanity. Despite the lack of sleep I was up a my usual 7 am, had breakfast, then jumped into school work. Luckily, my professors have been very helpful so I haven’t lost too much ground in my classes. My real worry is that something medical will destroy the semester for me but, as I’m feeling better physically, this seems less of a real concern and more like borrowing trouble. I will NOT, however, be trying out for the Ohio State Rugby team anytime soon.

Thank you for all the well wishes. I hope to see everyone soon.

Tom IV