INR: 2.0 —

My INR didn’t budge overnight so I’m here another day. {Insert Favorite Expletive Here} I was worried this would happen. So many variables that go into what makes the blood’s INR level that managing it is seems sometimes more art than science. So I’m here another day.

Tommy had tubes put in his ears today. He has the same problem as his Uncle Jason – the area behind his ears don’t drain properly so mucus begins to accumulate behind the ear drum. Judy tells me he did fine and the doctor drained a huge amount from behind his ear. Poor guy! The world will seem much different now that he can hear properly. Judy sure has her hands full this week – I sure love her!

I’m still not sleeping so I’m going to try and wheedle some coffee out of the kitchen. The longer I’m here the more long-term factors begin to hamper my recover.

Tom IV