INR 2.0 —

On Tuesday I told the doctor here (among other things) that keeping me on 4 mg of Cumadin will take a week to bring up my INR to 2.5. Turns out that might be optimistic. While furious I’m not surprised – at home, being active and bouncing around my day-to-day life my maintenance dose is 4 mg. So, not surprisingly, in hospital I’m maintaining at 2.0. I’m hearing rumors they will up my dosage tonight – three days too late in my view. Not sure where to go from here – it seems that shaking a physician until their brains turn to malted milk is illegal in Ohio.

I certainly have been spending too much time on the Internet – that will rot your brain almost as much as TV. On Facebook someone asked what my high school’s motto (Qualis Fiam Talis Iam Fio) meant. Given my complete lack of school spirit and… indifferent study habits in Latin class it is the height of (non-Socratic) irony that I would have the answer. And it wasn’t even correct; I left high school much the same being as I entered. My personal growth didn’t occur until much, much later. What can I say? I’m a very late bloomer!

Even with all the time on the Internet I’m ignorant as to many of the developments, both political and sporting, in the world – I haven’t had the focus. Now I’m trying to get as much studying in for my exams Monday and I’m “Thinking the Unthinkable” (Herman Kahn reference intended) – I may not be out of here before Monday. I will handle that if it happens – I own enough trouble without borrowing any!