INR 2.2 +0.2

I’m still in the hospital and look to be for at least the next few more days unless I check myself out. I had to fight tooth-and-nail to get the pharmacy to increase my dose of Cumadin and even then they wouldn’t increase it high enough. They are making the classic mistake of treating the protocol instead of the patient.

The snow has started and, thanks to Judy, I have a front row seat. She arranged for me to be switched to the bed next to the window. I really like being able to see outside – there’s a world out there. The windows aren’t insulated so I threw on an extra blanket. After my sponge bath I’ll put on my heavier sweats for good measure.

So today should be interesting. I’ll need to contact my professors about the makeup exams I was supposed to take tomorrow. I’ll also need to see what is supposed to happen next week and make sure I don’t get behind in my readings. I’m feeling fine – it’s time to get back into my old routine (albeit, a routine in a hospital tethered to an IV drip).

Thanks for all the prayers! Keep Judy in your prayers, too. Once again I’ve given her a handful.

Tom IV