A Taxing Taxonomy

Being a good netizen I try to categories all of my posts.

Grumble These are personal updates, quick comments of the day and similar ephemerae.  Casual readers can skip these while family and friends will likely find this interesting.
Current Affairs Posts on matters of the day regardless of location.  Will be paired with a locality if appropriate.
Sports Commentary on any sporting event or game.
Baseball My reaction to baseball.  Will always appear with “Sports” category.
Soccer Go Crew!! I mean, this is commentary on anything “Soccer” will always appear with “Sports” category
Test Tests for blog functionality. Maybe interesting to techno-types.
Travel I’m notorious for taking pictures when travelling.
Weblogs One reason I moved to WordPad isTalkBack functionality.  If an important reference is made to another blog it will be flagged with this category.
Web/Tech Commentary on the (dismal) state of the tech world.

More categories will be added as required and, of course, if you think I should cover a topic don’t be shy; I’m certainly not!